10 Best Quotes By The Old Man From Pawn Stars

The popularity of Pawn Stars has increased exponentially since its debut a few years ago. The mixture of haggling, buying, selling, pawning, the knowledge of the experts, the low-balling, the diversity of items and the charm of Rick, Big Hoss, Chumlee and The Old Man make this show undeniably entertaining.

There is no one, however, better than Richard “Old Man” Harrison when it comes to witty and hilarious quips. He’s often heard belittling the others and spitting his infinite wisdom for the them to learn and grow by. We’ve collected some of the best to spew forth from those large lips of his.

10.) “I don’t care what the little bastards say, I love the holidays. I just don’t like spending it with them.”

9.) “I swear every day, you two are the laziest people I know and if you cleaned the molasses out of your britches maybe we could make a dollar or two around this joint.”

8.) “I’m in such a good mood today that I might even crack a smile.”

7.) ‎”Kids don’t know how to play these days, and that’s what’s wrong with the damn world!”

6.) ‎”I dont understand horror movies. If you want horror, have a couple of kids.”

5.) “You two are pantin’ like a couple of boars at breedin time.”

4.) “Rick, I don’t want to hear it, you had a lady in here the other day that you could have talked down another couple thousand dollars, but you were just standing there smiling like a possum eating peach seeds.”

3.) ‎”It doesn’t matter what my profit margin is, I own the f@#$ing place.”

2.) ‎”Back in my day if you had a problem you got a bottle of Jack Daniels and dealt with it, these days kids just want wanna talk about feelings”

1.) ‎”FaceBook sounds like a pain in the ass to me.”

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5 comments on “10 Best Quotes By The Old Man From Pawn Stars
  1. John says:

    You forgot one: You, Your on my $*@! list

  2. morgan005 says:

    This man is awesome !

  3. terrytuker says:

    Heres one..”Thats Rick often wrong but never in doubt”

  4. Kevin Nicks says:

    The only thing good about making money, Is the thought of making more money

  5. Chris says:

    “You’re about as useless as a woodpecker with a rubber beak.”

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